Global Consent

Consent to the anonymization of your personal data

We process your personal data as described in the mymobility privacy notice.

The mymobility privacy notice explains that we can only remove identifiers (individual personal characteristics by which you can be identified) from your personal data with your express consent so that Zimmer Biomet can use that anonymized data for Zimmer Biomet’s own purposes. This means that you can agree or disagree with this processing step, also called anonymization of your personal data. Anonymization means that all personal characteristics are removed so that this data can only be connected to you again with a large expenditure of time, costs, and manpower.

Once your data has been anonymized so that you can no longer be identified, we can use or share this anonymous data for any purpose and without restriction, including for commercial purposes.

If you decide not to give your consent to remove your identifiable personal data, you can of course continue to use mymobility with your treatment team. You can revoke your consent at any time.

If you consent to us anonymizing your personal data to use for Zimmer Biomet’s own purposes, please click “Yes” below. If you do not agree, please click “No.”